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Grade A+ Topsoil.

A must for any raised bed, vegatable plot ot box or if you wish to give your plants the best start. Our top Grade A+ is a natural topsoil non recyled mixed with  well rotted green material compost making it ideal for the aforementiooned projects.

From £62.00 per ton.


Grade A Topsoil.

This topsoil is the same as above without the compost so making it idea for larger borders, preparing lawns where a fine finiah is required. Topping off or soiling up a garden project you may be working on. If you need to fill a border up for a later project to then add more organic matter or compost in at a later date this is perfect.

From £36.00 per ton.


Grade B Screened Topsoil.

Commonly known as screened soil. This topsoil is produced from recleyed material, perfectly suitable for building up levels for borders or lawns that can then be finised or dressed with our grade A topsoil. This is a cost effective way of getting started from lower depths.

From £15.00 per ton.


Lawn turf;


General purpose lawn turf.

This is our go to lawn turf used on all garden design and landscaping projects it provides a thick lush green lawn that is easy to work with. Sold in a 1m2 roll 600mm wide and with a 30mm base so it won't break up in your hands.

From £2.80 per m2 (min order applies)


Sports grade lawn turf.

Depending of specification there are a number of speciallity sport turf options avalable so please give us a call to discuss your requirments.


Wild flower turf 50/50.

Supplied in 1m2 600mm wide rolls the mix is native wild flower grown 50% flower and 50% grass. It will flower twice a year we suggest once it has flowered cut the flower but leave on the ground for a few days to let the seed release so next year the flowering is even more impressive.

From £20 per m2


Wild flower turf 70/30.

The same as the 50/50 but 70% flower to 30% grass mix.

From £22.00 per m2



We are happy to deliver within a 20mile radius of Bottesford please call for a quote, further distances can be arranged using third parties.




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